We must not underestimate the value of innovation, not least its potential to significantly strengthen the economy. New technologies and breakthroughs in the power sector could be worth a staggering 70 billion euro to the EU economy in 2030.

All players within the energy sector will need to focus on investment in the latest technologies as well as find new ways to improve their practices. 

Over the past sixteen years, we have built up a fantastic network within the energy industry. We genuinely feel that one of our most important roles in the smart energy community is to help stimulate, promote and reward innovation, and together with our European energy community, drive efficiencies and contribute to a sustainable future. 

We have therefore, in close consultation with the sector, developed a multi-element innovation focus around the event. The innovation theme will run as the common thread throughout the three days and will feature a programme of Innovation hotspots around the Innovation Hub on the exhibition floor.

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