Strategic Conference Programme

The strategic programme focuses on the industry shifts, emerging trends, structural reform and market design. This programme, featuring more than 130 high level industry speakers, is designed to give a bird’s eye view of where the industry currently is and where it should be heading and especially designed for a senior level audience.

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Case Study Programme on the exhibition floor

Sharing case study insights & project experiences, technical expertise and business innovation, presented by 170 high level speakers, including 80+ utilities. The programme offers a huge number of technical case study presentations which reflect current best practice and innovation in the industry.

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Scroll down to see a snapshot of 2014's speaker line-up & programme outline, covering all the major value streams:

  • The Grid & Renewables Integration
  • Smart Homes & End User Engagement
  • Energy Storage
  • Smart Metering, ICT & Data Management
  • Smart Water

The Grid & Renewables Integration

The structure of the electricity system is changing fast. Deployment of intermittent, distributed, renewable generation facilities, the push towards decarbonisation, and urgent requirements to develop a modernised, integrated and customer-responsive electrical supply infrastructure all present significant challenges to transmission and distribution system operators across Europe. This conference track will cover sessions from new utility business models and market design to grid resilience. 

A snapshot of the first class presentations in this conference track:

  • Who Will Sell You Energy in the Future?
    Steve Berberich, President & CEO, California Independent System Operator (Cal-ISO)

  • Regulatory Incentives: Helping the Connection of Low Carbon Technologies to the Grid
    Dora Guzeleva, Head of Networks Policy, Ofgem

  • Developing a FTTH Network Cost Effectively
    Denis O’Leary, Head of Smart Energy Technologies, ESB Networks

  • Strategy of Collaboration with Industrial Partners: 2020 – 2030 Perspectives
    Pierre-Olivier Courtois, Strategy Project Manager, ERDF

  • PLANGRIDEV: Distribution Grid Planning and Operational Principles for EV Mass Roll Out While Enabling DER Integration
    Armin Gaul, Project Manager, RWE

  • Wind, Sun and the Economics of Flexible Power Systems
    Simon Müller, Senior Analyst, International Energy Association (IEA)

  • Smart Substations Project: A World First in the Field of Smart Grids
    Thierry Buhagiar, Head of Smart Substation Project, RTE

  • Real World Applications for Microgrids
    Neal Bartek, Distributed Energy Resources Manager, San Diego Gas & Electric

  • Renewable-Only Smart Grid System for a Korean Island
    Woohyun Hwang, Head of Smart Grid & Energy Storage System Department, KEPCO

Smart Homes & End User Engagement

How to really engage with the customer is one of the single greatest challenges associated with transitioning to a smart energy economy. Learning how to incentivise consumers to engage with new solutions, invest in micro renewable generation capacity and adopt smart and green commodities such as electric vehicles will signify a huge step forward in steering the world towards a carbon neutral future. A dedicated conference track including sessions from the roadmap towards smart homes to dynamic pricing strategies. 

A snapshot of the first class presentations in this conference track:

  • Visions and the Roadmap for Integrating Consumers and Prosumers into a Connected, Responsive and Smart Energy Ecosystem
    Jeremy Vincent, Deputy Head of Customer Insight, Energy Efficiency Deployment Office, Department of Energy and Climate Change 

  • Actively Engaging the Consumer: Lessons Learnt & Conclusions for the Future
    Edmund Barrett, International Product Development, RWE

  • The DSO and Electricity End User Engagement
    Jon Stromsather, Vice-Chair of the EDSO Projects Committee, Head of Smart Grid Development, Enel Distribution

  • What More can Utilities do to Enhance their Role in Development of the Smart Home?
    Louise Hahn, Vice President, Customers & Markets, B2C, DONG Energy

  • Analysis of US Transaction-based Dynamic Pricing Demonstrations
    Steve Widergren, Principal Engineer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

  • Working with Utilities to Develop New Consumer Engagement Services
    Andy Baynes, Director of Business Development, Nest

Energy Storage

With the increase of renewables comes huge logistical and technical challenges in adapting the existing infrastructure, not least efforts to try and store this intermittent and uncontrollable source of power. A dedicated track on Storage Solutions will provide you with an excellent opportunity to hear about the latest technological innovations. Critically this session will also provide the opinions and expertise on how we move from the present to a future where energy storage is a cost effective solution used by all grid operators.

A snapshot of the first class presentations in this conference track:

  • Energy Storage Technology Roadmap: Supporting Energy Sector Decarbonisation
    Cecilia Tam, Head of Energy Demand Technology Unit, International Energy Agency (IEA) 

  • The Value of Energy Storage: Lessons Learned from more than 100 Megawatts of Energy Storage Installation in the U.S.
    John Zahurancik, Vice President, AES Energy 

  • Energy Storage Deployments at Duke Energy and the Role of Battery Storage for US Utilities
    Mike Rowand, Director Technology Development, Duke Energy Storage

  • Network Access and Unbundling Rules for Electricity Storage
    András Hujber, Policy Officer, European Commission DG Energy

  • Energy Storage Plan for Kilroot Power Station in Northern Ireland
    Bali Sahdra, Senior Business Development Manager, AES UK

  • Two month on the market - Experiences from Europe’s first commercial Battery Park
    Jost Broichmann, Technical Product Development, WEMAG AG
    Co-presented by Wolfram Krause, Strategic Market Intelligence, Younicos AG

  • Li-Ion Project (1MW- 3MWh) and a Flywheel Project (1,6MW) to be commissioned in the Canary Islands
    Cristina Gómez, Research and Development Coordinator, Red Eléctrica de España

  • Duke Energy’s Notrees Wind Power Energy Storage Project – The Largest in North America
    Mike Rowand, Director Technology Development, Duke Energy

  • ENEL On-Field Experience with Energy Storage Use for Grids and Customers
    Gianluca Gigliucci, Head of Renewable Energies, Smart Grids and Distributed Generation Research Unit, ENEL Engineering and Research Division, ENEL

Smart Metering, ICT & Data Management 

Smart Metering represents the launch pad from which the smart energy revolution can enter the domestic life of millions. It forms the keystone of communication between utilities and the consumer and underpinning this vital link is effective ICT and data management. There remain key questions that need to be addressed in this still nascent industry, including questions of interoperability and openness, security of critical infrastructures, safeguarding individual privacy and developing sound principles for the commercial use of personal data.

A snapshot of the first class presentations in this conference track:

  • Overview of the Roll Out of Smart Metering in the EU & Looking at the Way Forward
    Manuel Sánchez Jiménez, Team Leader Smart Grids DG Energy, European Commission

  • The Smart Meter Roll Out in the UK
    Jorge Pikunic, Managing Director Smart Metering, British Gas

  • Making Smart Meters Work for Consumers
    Stephanie Bashir, Manager Metering Development, Australia Gas Light Company (AGL)

  • Leveraging Big Data for Revenue Recovery
    Howard Mitchell, Programme Manager, E.ON

  • How to Add Significant Value to the Raw Data Assets in Possession of the Utilities
    Alex Bakulev, Distribution Grid Management, Manager of Power System Planning & Logistics, Toronto Hydro

  • Big Data and Utilities: Lessons Learned and Conclusions for the Future
    Einar Hoffman, Managing IT Architect, DONG Energy

  • Pecan Street’s innovative data management approaches
    Bert Haskell, CTO, Pecan Street

  • Building a Secure & Robust Smart Grid Solution
    Nuno Medeiros, Project Manager for ICT and Smart Grids Security Solutions, EDP Distribution

  • Using Google Cloud services to Lower Cost in IT & Operations
    Edwin Poot, Founder & Managing Director, Energyworx
    Matthew Feigal, Search Appliance Qualified Deployment Specialist, Google

Smart Water 

With the new 3-day Smart Water track, created in cooperation with the International Water Association (IWA), European Utility Week will further strengthen the position of water within the event’s portfolio, and with that respond to the industry’s need for a broader approach towards smart utility technology. This dedicated conference track will be highlighting market developments from the reduction of the energy carbon footprint and the value of big data to large scale implementation of smart water metering and smart grid developments.

A snapshot of the first class speakers in this conference track:

  • Benefits from the latest Generation Automated Meter Management Systems
    Philippe Carton, Deputy Vice President Water Europe, Suez Environment

  • Smart Water Strategies – Smart Utilities
    Erick Oostermeyer, Project Coordinator, Vitens N.V

  • Making Water Smarter: Lessons learned from the electricity sector
    Kate Zerrenner, Project Manager, US Climate and Energy Program, Environmental Defense Fund

  • European Research Project on Smart Grids developed by the W-SMART Research Center
    Bruno Nguyen, Head of Regulation and International Relations, Eau de Paris

  • Challenges of a sustainable sanitation project on a district-scale
    Anne-Katrin Skambraks, Deputy Head of Quality Management and Technology Development, Hamburg Wasser

  • Working Towards a carbon Neutral Utility in Amsterdam
    Roelof Kruize, CEO, Waternet

  • Energy Reduction for Utility Operations in Oslo
    Per Kristensen, Acting CEO, Water and Sewerage Works – City of Oslo

  • The Utility as a Driver in Industrial Symbiosis
    Hans-Martin Friis Moller, CEO, Kalundborg Forsyning
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